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  Welcome to the shelf supplies company! We offer to the world, a whole range
of glass & wood products and supplies not seen anywhere else!
Brick & Solid walls
Glass Shelves
Glass shelf with bracket
DVD Shelf - glass
Glass shelf for dvd players, skybox, games consoles

Amazing glass shelf for DVD players, Skybox, Games Consoles. Display in style and add that finishing touch to your living room.
An aluminium track that we specify as a "glass bracket", is screwed directly into the wall where you would like your shelf to be. Then you slide the glass shelving into the now wall mounted tracking/bracket and just simply tighten the support screws on the tracks/brackets underside. It's never been easier! Once installed, the effect given is that of a glass surface emerging from the wall!

  • Floating glass for DVD players, Skybox, Games Consoles etc.
  • Aluminium glass bracket is practically invisible
  • Glass shelf is "toughed" for strength and safety
  • A single shelf can hold up to 8kg
  • Custom bracket lengths & colours available (At extra cost)

  • note: If you decide to buy only the bracket from us, and want to purchase your own glass, we cannot guarantee that the bracket will be as effective, if your glass does not have the specification that we have recommended!

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      Aluminium Bracket
        The aluminium brackets are a standard white colour and are practically invisible against a white wall. Custom colours ARE available (at extra cost), so you can have your brackets the exact colour tone you require!
    Bracket profiles; 6mm bracket = 18 x 15 x 18 x 2mm
    10mm = 20 x 19 x 18 x 2 mm
      Glass Shelf
        All shelves used with our products are "toughened glass". The glass shelves are from 6mm to 10mm in thickness, and from 60cm to 150cm (1.5m) in length.
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    "We are willing to custom-make products and devices for our customers, as well as offering installation services for our products!"
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